Create a plot with 2 left axes and 1 right axis

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Heidi Hirsh
Heidi Hirsh on 21 Jul 2019
Answered: DGM on 24 Dec 2021
I want to plot three datasets on top of each other (same plot not subplots). Each has its own units so I want to have two different axes/scales on the left side and one on the right. I know how to plot double axes with yyaxis left and yyaxis right. Can I do two yyaxis left lines or something?

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 24 Jul 2019
To plot three datasets on top of each other, set hold command to ON after creating axes object.
hold on;
The axes command creates an axes object with y-axis on the left by default. Then a yyaxis left and yyaxis right can be used to create another y-axis on left and a y-axis on right respectively.
For more information, refer the following link for documentation:
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F S on 24 Dec 2021
Your link only shows how to create a plot with two yaxis, one on the left and one on the right respectively. So does your example. The question asked how to create a plot with three yaxis in the same axes.
Is there a way to plot three yaxis into the same axis, e.g. with ticks going in and out on the side with two yaxis?

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DGM on 24 Dec 2021
I don't know how it would be done with yyaxis (if possible)
There are a number of old tools on the File Exchange that still work. (aa_splot.m needs edited; see FEX comments)
and you can search for others.
x = 1:10;
y1 = x;
y2 = x*10 + 2*rand(1,10);
y3 = x/10 + rand(1,10);
% using plotyyy()
plotyyy(x,y1,x,y2,x,y3,{'this one','that one','the other one'});
% using addaxis()
addaxislabel(1,'this one');
addaxislabel(2,'that one');
addaxislabel(3,'the other one');

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