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powergui and ideal ac source issue

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I created a simscape electrical model using the Specialized Power Systems blocks and the simulation worked great. I saved my work and shut down my computer and next day I opened the model again and now the ideal voltage source is giving me a non sinusoidal output and the powergui block icon has the diconnected symbol in the corner(not sure about this). I tried to recreate the model and that did not work. Last night I installed 2019a and unistalled 2018b and now I still have the same issue and also I am getting a "out" file to my workspace from my "simout" block that I cannot use. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


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Arvind Sathyanarayanan
Arvind Sathyanarayanan on 19 Jul 2019
Guessing based on your desciprition, it seems like the time step might not be large enough. If you're using a fixed step solver use a time step thats about 10 times the frequency of your sine wave. If you're using a variable step solver then reduce the max step size.
If you attach your model I or other people in this forum might be able to give you more concrete answer.


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Timothy TenCate
Timothy TenCate on 22 Jul 2019
Thank you again for your response. I still cannot figure this out. I have asked a couple of people and they are not sure either. I attached a screen shot of the output from the simple circuit we talked about earlier.
Thanks again.
Arvind Sathyanarayanan
Arvind Sathyanarayanan on 23 Jul 2019
Thanks for the screenshot.
You have the Single simulation output option enabled in the configuration parameters. Disabling this should give you just the timerseries or whatever format you select in the To workspace block. See the image below
Timothy TenCate
Timothy TenCate on 23 Jul 2019
That was it! Thank you very much for your help.

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