What are the differences between Simulink Real-Time and xPC Target real-time kernel?

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Hello MathWorks Community,
I am trying to implement hardware-in-the-loop simulation using a desktop PC + (NI DAQ card or Raspberry Pi) instead of using Speedgoat. I understand there will be limitations with this solution, but I am looking at a sampling rate of 100Hz, so I figure it shouldn't be a huge issue. However, I am not sure if xPC target is still in use or has it been replaced by Simulink Real-Time?
So, can some one clarify what is still in use in 2019?

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 9 Jun 2022
xPC Target has been renamed to Simulink Real-Time.
Simulink Real-Time supports Speedgoat hardware for rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing:
Real-Time Windows Target has been renamed Simulink Desktop Real-Time. With Simulink Desktop Real-Time you can run real-time simulations in your desktop computer and connect selected I/O interfaces:
For Raspberry Pi, you can use the Raspberry Pi Support Package for Simulink:

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Nikunj Bhagat
Nikunj Bhagat on 26 Jul 2019
After some reading, I found out that Simulink Real-Time and xPC Target are the same thing. I also found out about Simulink Desktop Real-Time, which allows you to run a model on a desktop computer in real-time and doesn't require the Speedgoat hardware. It works with many supported DAQ cards such as from Quanser, NI, etc. A complete list of supported devices can be found here : https://www.mathworks.com/hardware-support/simulink-desktop-real-time.html. However, it seems that Simulink Desktop Real-Time doesn't support Arduino or Raspberry Pi yet.
With Simulink Desktop Real-time, the limitation is that it supports sampling rates upto 1kHz and upto 20kHz (when using Simulink Coder). With Speedgoat and Simulink Real-Time (aka xPC-Target) you can get sampling rates upto 50kHz.


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