when smoothing data with gaussian how to define sd and mean

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I want to run a Gaussian smoothing function over my data with mean =2 and SD=2 . I dont know how to define these values with "smoothdata" function.
Thanks for your help.

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Chris Turnes
Chris Turnes on 12 Jul 2019
The 'gaussian' method for smoothdata uses a fixed (but window-dependent) standard deviation, and mean of zero. If you want to smooth with a Gaussian that has a mean of 2, you can just add 2 to the data before you smooth it. The standard deviation is 1/5th of the window size, so if you want a standard deviation of 2 you would need to set your window to 10 (but note that you are getting a convolution with a Gaussian truncated to 10 samples, not a full Gaussian kernel).
Abdullah Al Shereiqi
Abdullah Al Shereiqi on 20 Aug 2020
Can i got more details about the mathematical model of Gaussian? Or making an example to get the new point for different data points?

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