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Problem with number of Parameters in S-Function Builder

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I am using ML2018b and work with models using S-Function Builder. The Problem is, if i use in the S-Function Builder more than 10 Outputs(O) or Parameters(P) and want to save it, the System rearrange the order of the O/P. I didn't find any adjustment to avoid this problem. Is there any known problem, which could be the reason for that topic? Is there a limitation to 10 Inputs/Outputs/Parameter?

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Sebastian Schmaderer
Sebastian Schmaderer on 5 Jul 2019
The reason for that problem is known already and could be foundd in the Bug Report -->

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Kritika Bansal
Kritika Bansal on 19 Jul 2019
This bug has been fixed now. You can either install MATLAB R2019a or get an update of MATLAB R2018b Update 2.
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Sebastian Schmaderer
Sebastian Schmaderer on 19 Jul 2019
Thank you for the answer. I forgot to accept my own answer. I found the topic in Bugreports.

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