How to pass a struct as name-value-pairs to a function?

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Is it possible to convert a struct to name-value-pairs that is then fed to a function that takes Name-Value pairs as input arguments? The fieldname of the struct would represent the Name and and the fieldvalue the Value of the Name-Value pairs.
One particular function that use Name-Value pairs as input is the GlobalSearch function in MATLAB.
gs = GlobalSearch(Name,Value,...)
For example is the following possible
% I want this
gs = GlobalSearch('BasinRadiusFactor',.5,'NumTrialPoints',400)
% To be equal to this
options.BasinRadiusFactor = 0.5
options.NumTrialPoints = 400
gs = GlobalSearch(options)

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 1 Jul 2019
Edited: Matt J on 1 Jul 2019
Some functions may enable this (in particular, those that use inputParser to parse string-value pairs will always accept a struct), but clearly not all functions, as you found out when you ran your example. However, you can always pre-convert a struct to a cell of string value pairs using the utility below.
function C=struct2pairs(S)
%Turns a scalar struct S into a cell of string-value pairs C
% C=struct2pairs(S)
%If S is a cell already, it will be returned unchanged.
if iscell(S)
C=S; return
elseif length(S)>1
error 'Input must be a scalar struct or cell';
C=[fieldnames(S).'; struct2cell(S).'];

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Hyeokjin Jho
Hyeokjin Jho on 30 Mar 2021

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