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For loop basic adaptive thresholding

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Hi, I am fairly new to matlab and I am really trying to understand how to do a simple for loop for adaptive thresholding! Can a professional break down the lines of code needed line by line please? I have done the googling but that is frustrating due to lacking understanding! The tabs are nice but it too is challenging when there's no one to clarify coding issues or anomalies as well as my errors. Can someone point me to a source of the basic codes as for loops and while loops etc? I would like to thank you immensely in advance!

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Chirag Nighut
Chirag Nighut on 30 Jun 2019
Edited: Chirag Nighut on 30 Jun 2019
Following are the links to the official links for for loop and while loops respectively:
For for loop the syntax is
for index = values
values contain, the array of all the values a variable has to take. Depending on the different values the index can take, you can write your logic in the statements. The statements run for all index values mentioned in the values array.
while expression
The above code is syntax for while loop. The expression determines the condition which has to be satisfied for the execution of the statements. The statements will run till the expression holds true.
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Matpar on 30 Jun 2019
Hey Chirag Nighut thanks for acknowledging me!
thanks all for helping me really appreciate it, i will take another read cause I am missing loads it's confusing me even more!!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Jun 2019
Also look up adapthisteq() for an adaptive thresholding method.


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