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what is PolySpace.

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mohammad alquraan
mohammad alquraan on 29 Jun 2019
Commented: Adam Danz on 23 May 2022
Hi everybody;
what is PolySpace?
is it the same as Matlab (can i work on PolySpace R2019 instead of Matlab R2019 )?

Answers (1)

Chirag Nighut
Chirag Nighut on 1 Jul 2019
Edited: Chirag Nighut on 1 Jul 2019
Polyspace is a Mathworks product which is a static code analysis tool. It detects or also proves the absence of any certain run time errrore for C, CPP and Ada programming languages. Another major use of Polyspace is to check if your source code follows appropriate code standards like MISRA C
Some run time erors that Polyspace examines are:
  1. Airthemetic Overflow
  2. Buffer Overrun
  3. Division by Zero
  4. And many more...
You also get to know the security vulnerabilities in your code. Using Polyspace you come to know which part of your code is faulty and you also come across some unproven checks for some part of your code which have to be reviewed manually.
Regarding Polyspace Code Prover:
It olour codes your code to indicate if the section of the code is unreachable, unproven, run-time error free and so on. This is the tool which wil tell you which variables or function calls are causing the run time errors.
Polyspace Bug Finder:
It analyzes software control, data flow within your code. Polyspace Bug Finder checks compliance with coding rule standards such as MISRA C®, MISRA C++, JSF++, CERT® C, CERT® C++, and custom naming conventions. The reports generated by Polyspace Bug Finder consists of the bugs found, code rule violations and some code quality metrices.
Following help should be very helpful to understand what Polyspace is:
Grant on 23 May 2022
The link above is not working, so I am including the link again for convenience:
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 23 May 2022
Link fixed.

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