NARX with Complex Values Input

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Saira AlZadjali
Saira AlZadjali on 27 Jun 2019
Commented: Saira AlZadjali on 3 Jul 2019
Dears, I need Help
I used NARX to predict Wind Speed, the inputs were used as real numbers
Now i want to predict wind speed and the direction
but need to upgrade my network to take complex numbers as input, i read some papers on same topic
and what i can understand is that the Neural NEtwork need to be converted to Complex value Neural Network which will have Complex Inputs, Complex Weights, Complex Activation funtion, Complex Back Propagation Algorithm
I get to know that this will happen if I create my own Neural Network.
Now I Need your Help, to guide me how to do that
I know basics in MATLAB so creating own NN need alot to be done, kindly please advise what the steps and what i need to know / learn to create Complex Value NN which will learn the wind speed and the direction, and then predict the same//
Thank You

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 3 Jul 2019
Decades ago I learned (the hard way) to forget about trying to use complex computations for NNs.
However, if you insist, let us know what happens.
Greg the Elder
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Saira AlZadjali
Saira AlZadjali on 3 Jul 2019
so your advice is to not used complex NNs ??
I want to predict wind direction and which can not be done with real number unputs to NN.
Can you advice //
Saira Al Zadjali

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