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find mask model in Simulink

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I have a problem that I want to find the Mask block inside of the existing model. I try to use find_system('System','BlockType','name_of_mask') to get the name of masked blocks. However,it return empty cell for me. What command should I use to find the masked blocks ?


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Shameer Parmar
Shameer Parmar on 26 Jun 2019
Edited: Shameer Parmar on 26 Jun 2019
Hello Shengchang,
You can use one of following command in your code... (Open your model and run this command and see the results)
You can put different filters like 'BlockType', 'MaskType', etc etc and achive what you want..
I hope this will help you.. Thanksss...

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shengchang gao
shengchang gao on 27 Jun 2019
Thank you! That helps a lot!

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