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How to plot plot from differnet location in a single figure?

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%% I have differnt date from differnt folder in differnt location, as D:/pendrive/coulomb_drag/Temperature/matlab_program/drag_Copy_dd/taudrag.mat having data T(1*25) %%and output (3*25*) and in another folder in another location D:/pendrive/coulomb_drag/Temperature/matlab_program/drag_Copy_nn/taudrag.mat again have T(1*25) %%and output (2*25). I wants to plot one figure where i wants figure with respect to T(1*25) and output(5*25).
%% please tell me how could i do this.

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TADA on 25 Jun 2019
If i understand your question corectly, and you have several .mat files each one with a varriable T and a varriable output,
you can load them like that:
data(1) = load('D:/pendrive/coulomb_drag/Temperature/matlab_program/drag_Copy_dd/taudrag.mat');
data(2) = load('D:/pendrive/coulomb_drag/Temperature/matlab_program/drag_Copy_nn/taudrag.mat');
that syntax returns a struct with fields for each varriable saved in that .mat file.
that would only work if you have the exact same varriable names saved in both files, otherwise you can simply load them into two different varriables
for i = 1:numel(data)
dataStruct = data(i);
plot(dataStruct.T, dataStruct.output);
hold on;
TADA on 29 Jun 2019
I don't know the specifics of your particular problem.
Without more details, that's the best I can offer at the moment


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