Moving Average of Matrix over 10 min interval

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Is there a way to take the moving avereage of a 2D matric over a time interval. I have attached what I tryed bellow with the error message shown after runing it
k= minutes(10);
MF= %unaveraged velocity matrix of size 18X24683
Data1.Time = % date time values of size 1X24683
Window length must be a finite positive scalar or 2-element vector
of finite nonnegative scalars.
Error in datetime/movmean (line 105)
y = builtin('_movmeandt', args{:});

Answers (1)

Chris Turnes
Chris Turnes on 2 Jul 2019
The error message could be clearer about the problem you're having, but you're getting the message because you've misspelled "SamplePoints". If you fix the spelling, you should get what you need.
Chris Turnes
Chris Turnes on 2 Jul 2019
Can you provide a MAT file with your data, and a simple reproduction script?

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