Displaying an externally saved figure in live script

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I'm trying to display an externally generated figure in live script, using the openfig() function. When I do this, the figure does not display; all that displays is some output text listing some properties of the figure. Is there a way to display externally generated figures, .fig or otherwise, in live script?

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Alex Zak
Alex Zak on 11 Mar 2020
Hi Abed,
Currently openfig is not fully supported in the Live Editor. As a workaround you can do the following:
f = openfig('f.fig');
f2 = figure;
This should dispaly the contents of the saved figure in the Live Editor.
pablo Jaramillo
pablo Jaramillo on 4 Nov 2020
This worked, though I had this error for the legend:
Error using matlab.graphics.illustration.Legend/setParentImpl
A legend and its associated axes must have the same parent.

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