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Different results with Different version of continuous wavelet transform(cwt)

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Hello everyone
Thank you very much for your help in advance
I have used the 2 different continuous wavelet transform MATLAB code as follow,
The first one was introduced before 2006 but the second on was introduced before 2016. (the second one is the last updated version)
However, after I used these two MATLAB code to perform the continuous wavelet transform, I found that the results are totally different. [I have attached 3 photos including analyzing signal, first result and second result]
From the photo attached above, we can see that the wavelet coefficient are different comparing to each other.
Could anybody please tell me the reason why I got the different results?
and how can we recognize that which result is correct?
PS. I performed cwt using MATLAB-2019a
Thank you very much for your kindness

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