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Graphing two parametric functions in terms of x

Asked by Nicolas Heumann on 16 Jun 2019
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I am learning from Paul Wilmott's Introduction to quantitative Finance, and I have ran into a problem while trying to solve one of the suggested exercises:
I am trying to plot both of the following parametric functions in a single graph:
I have tried the following code:
mu= 0.1*w+0.14*(1-w);
sigma = (0.12^2)*w.^2+0.4*0.12*0.2*2*w.*(1-w)+(0.2^2)*(1-w).^2;
title('risk vs return')
But I get the following graph (note that sigma is the risk and mu the return)
When I should be getting this:
Why does this happen? I have tried altering the range of w but I still get nothing close to that graph. The equations that I am graphing are these, and I believe that I have written them correctly

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on 16 Jun 2019
ML auto-ranges the axes to fit the range of the data...use
ylim([0 0.15])
or whatever other upper limit you choose...

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Answer by John D'Errico
on 17 Jun 2019
Edited by John D'Errico
on 17 Jun 2019
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You got exactly the correct thing. You just need to look carefully at the y axis labels on the two plots.
Just add this line after the plot.
axis([.01 .04 0 0.14])
Or, you could use the ylim function.
ylim([0 0.14])
Or, you can edit the graphic directly.
H = gca;
H.YLim = [0 0.14];
A plot can look very different when you change the axis scaling. (This is an important point as I recall from the book "How To Lie With Statistics".)

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Wow, that worked like a charm! I will check out that book, too, thank you very much!

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