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Square wave with different amplitude for different time in number of cycles

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How can i generate square wave with amplitude of 200 for the time interval [0,DT] and amplitude of -300 for the time interval of [DT,T] for n cycles, if D=0.5 and T=1/f=0.02. and number of cyles=3.
Thank you in advance!!!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jun 2019
250 * square(parametric_times, D) - 50
parametric_times would be such that the end of the parametric_time vector was 2*pi*number_of_cycles (or better one sample before that)
parametric_times should map n*T to n*2*pi, and thus should be parametric_times = n*2*pi/T where n ranges from 0 to 3.
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Selam Dagne
Selam Dagne on 18 Jun 2019
Thank you walter for your answer!
This works for number of cycles but how can we differenciate the time interval for specific amplitude. The code below plot the square wave which have amplitude of 200 for starting(0) and ending point(1) and -300 for other operating point.But i want to plot the square wave which have amplitude of 200 for the interval from time t=0 to t=D*T and -300 for the time interval from time t=D*T to t=T.How can i get this type of square wave?
VL=250 * square(parametric_times, D) - 50;

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