Elman Neural Network (ENN)

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Abdul Ghaffar
Abdul Ghaffar on 14 Jun 2019
Answered: Greg Heath on 16 Jun 2019
@ all.
I have 1728 observation. First 1296 are from training data and the rest 432 observations are for testing data. Now, I am going to apply Elman Neural Network (ENN) on the data for forecasting. I am facing problem on arranging data, how to arrange data for training and test. I apply code and this error occur
"Error using network/train (line 340), Input data size does not match net.inputs{1}.size., Error in chapter23 (line 84), net=train(net,p_train,t_train); "

Answers (1)

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 16 Jun 2019
size(P_TRAIN) = [ 1296 1728]
size(T_TRAIN) = [ 432 1728]
Hope this helps.
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