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how many terms uses the function hypergeom

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If we use the matlab build in function
which is a infitite sum
hypergeom(N,D,z) = sum(k=0:inf, (C(N,k)/C(D,k))*z^k/k!)
How many terms are used? I.e. what is
Thank you very much for any suggestions!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Jun 2019
At the MATLAB command prompt give the command
MATLAB will whine and try to convince you to use LiveScript instead. Do not let it use LiveScript: tell it to go ahead and open a MuPAD notebook.
Once the MuPAD notebook has opened, and you are at the [ prompt, type in the command
You will see that there are a couple of hundred lines of code, and that there are dozens of special cases that are handled, including some cases where the calculations is built up recursively. We cannot really talk about the error analysis unless we know which case is being invoked.
Rafael Schwarzenegger
Rafael Schwarzenegger on 10 Jun 2019
Thank you very much. It answers my question well.

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