how to find the parameter name for any block in the simulink to use it in set_param command?

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I want to set a value of 5 in the "step time" parameter in the "step" block from the mfile, the name of the model of simulink is "plant1"
i wrote in the command window:
set_param('plant1/Step','step time',5)
but there is an error:
Step block does not have a parameter named 'step time'
my question: what is the name of the 'step time' parameter which can be used in set_param command?
and, in general how can i reach to the name of each parameter in each block easily?

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 1 Mar 2021
Edited: Monika Jaskolka on 3 Mar 2021
To programmatically find out what parameters a block has, get its handle:
h = get_param(gcb, 'Handle');
h = gcbh;
and then use the get command to see a list of all its parameters and their current values:
You can also take a look at the Block-Specific Parameters page. The parameter names are listed, as well as their possible values.


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