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How to write the matlab command for creating the nested structures ?

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I want to write the single Matlab command for creating the nested structures as below, instead of two commands (like a = struct(...))
a.b(1).c = struct('d',{1,2,3},'e',{4,5,6})
a.b(2).c = struct('f',{7,8,9},'g',{4,5,6})

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 17 May 2019
In my opinion, you're better off sticking with what you have. It's a lot clearer than the one-liner. If you really want the one-liner, it's more of the same as what you've already written:
a = struct('b', struct('c', {struct('d',{1,2,3},'e',{4,5,6}), struct('f',{7,8,9},'g',{4,5,6})}))

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