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R2019a Update 1 error: “Unable to load the outputs”

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Test case
After installing Update 1 for R2019a, if I click on "Hide Code" icon, then I'm not able to make the code visible any more. If I save the LiveScript when the code is hidden and then try to open again the file, I get the following error "Unable to load the outputs. Contact Technical Support for assistance".
Thank you in advance for your help
% Just a sample code
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P.S: I'm running Matlab R2019a Update 1 on Linux OpenSUSE.

Accepted Answer

Hagen Ulbrich
Hagen Ulbrich on 13 May 2019
Hi, Angelo!
I am running MATLAB 2019a Update 1 on Windows, but have exactly the same problem. Due to my limited time frame, I do not have the time to wait for an "Update 2" - and: No, re-installing does not fix the isssue.
I tried something else and it seems to work, although I would not recommend it for "production" scripts.
Rename the live script ".mlx" file to ".zip", or extract the ".mlx" file as if it was a zip archive. Then browse to the folder "matlab" in the extracted archive. I then copied the output.xml of another live script with no output and replaced the output.xml in this folder. I have attached the "empty" output.xml (needed to zip it, as the file type ".xml" is not supported as attachment). Then re-create the zip archive from the original archive folder containing the modified output.xml. And rename it to ".mlx".
Sample: You have a live script named "bla.mlx". Rename it to "" and extract it to the folder "~/bla". Then browse to the folder "~/bla/matlab" and replace the file "output.xml" with the attached one. Finally, re-create the zip archive by packing the content of "~/bla" to a zip file "" (make sure to only pack the content, not including the root folder entry "bla"), and rename the zip archive to "bla2.mlx". Done.
For those, having the same problem, but cannot follow this description and only understand "blah, blah, blah" here, please wait for an official fix, or try a search engine for the OS-specific details.
Best regards
Hagen Ulbrich
Hagen Ulbrich on 13 May 2019
Hi, Angelo!
Actually, I like your workaround, as it is easier, and this problem tends to occur again and again, when generating PDF or Word documents.
But, on the other hand, for me it is unusable, as it breaks most of the "formatted text" formatting by transforming numbered lists and headings into code comments.
In the long-run, this shows, that there needs to be supplied a fix for the underlying issue!
Best regards
Angelo Cacini
Angelo Cacini on 13 May 2019
I agree with you, look forward for a fix.

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Angelo Cacini
Angelo Cacini on 24 May 2019
Edited: Angelo Cacini on 24 May 2019
R2019a Update 2 fixes this bug.


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