Which are the parameters that can be updated in Simulink among different simulations with fast restart?

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I have included the call of a Simulink model within a for loop. Along the iterations the values of the parameters that the Simulink model reads from the workspaces (base and/or model) to feed the logics embedded within it, change.
In particular, I am using SimEvents blocks and the parameters I referred to are read inside the Event actions or MATLAB Code sections. The problem is that if I use the Fast Restart, in order to reduce the computational burden, the model is not able to read the updated values of the parameters.
So, I am asking if it is possible to overcome this problem in some way or at least to know which are the parameters that it is possible to update with the Fast Restart enabled.

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Pruthvi Muppavarapu
Pruthvi Muppavarapu on 14 May 2019
Hi Edoardo,
There are certain model parameters that need recompilation in order to be reflected, there is a limitation on parameters that can be changed for iterative simulation using "Fast Restart". The type of variables which are supported as run-time parameters with Fast Restart enabled are numeric, logical and "Simulink.Parameter" objects.
Please try tuning the parameters for Fast Restart using such variables. Hope this answers your query.

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