lambda function with if statement

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ion sme
ion sme on 6 May 2019
Answered: saideh zare on 4 Jul 2021
How do I make the following function work for X. I want to be able to write lambda functions with an if clause.
X = @(om) (if abs(om)<1; 1; else 0; end)

Answers (3)

Erivelton Gualter
Erivelton Gualter on 6 May 2019
You can use the following line of code:
X = @(om) (1*(abs(om)==1) + 0*(abs(om)~=1));

NIMMALA HARATHI on 23 May 2020
[X, lambda] = eig(A)

saideh zare
saideh zare on 4 Jul 2021
Unrecognized function or variable 'lambda'.




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