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Coder - passing extra variables to function (Function Pointer/Functor)

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In MATLAB, whenever I want to pass extra variables to originalFunction (to keep the callerFunction code clear and abstract), I would use a function handle to pass those extra variables, and then pass the function handle into callerFunction. For example:
...ExtraVars are calculated....
fun=@(x) originalFun(x,ExtraVar1,ExtraVar2);
Consider ExtraVars are calculated.
inside callerFunction:
function callerFunction(fun,OtherVariables)
However, for generating MEX code for callerFunction, I can not pass function handles as inputs to a function. How can I do this for code generation?
One way which will gross the callerFunction is to add all to ExtraVars into input arguments when fun() is called. But, this will ruin the abstraction of the function.
This is how it can be done in C/C++ using Function Pointer or Functor, however, MATLAB coder doesn't seem to support these.

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