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how to save siteviewer image from coverage function

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Antenna toolbox coverage function plots propagation terrain image. How to set image size and save image in script,? If manually adjusted the size of the image, how to save the image?
cheat morokot
cheat morokot on 14 May 2019
Edited: cheat morokot on 14 May 2019
This is image that I get from coverage of siteviewer. Follow my comment above, you will get what you want.
cheat morokot
cheat morokot on 14 May 2019
Edited: cheat morokot on 14 May 2019
You can view this video to get image from coverage function. (

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Accepted Answer

Abhi Sundararaman
Abhi Sundararaman on 14 May 2019
Based on your responses, it looks like you want to save a snapshot of the Site Viewer window, similar to saving a figure window's contents. Unfortunately, Site Viewer doesn't currently have any functionality similar to "savefig" or "saveas" for figures. For now you'd have to use utilities like "print screen" to save an snapshot of the Site Viewer.
You also mentioned wanting to change the size and orientation of the Site Viewer via script. Unfortunately, the orientation currently cannot be set using a script. You can still set the size of the viewer by changing the last two values of the "Position" field of the viewer like so.
viewer = siteviewer;
width = 600; % screen pixels
height = 400; % screen pixels
viewer.Position(3:4) = [width height]
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Jonathon Cheah
Jonathon Cheah on 19 May 2019
Guess the best solution for now is windows prt screen. The solution of /apddata/temp/xx.png not having the terrain background, legends and icons is less useful. Thank you for the assistance.

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John K.
John K. on 19 Jan 2021
Another way to capture screenshots of siteviewer directly from within Matlab is to use the screenshot diagnotic class.
png files are stored to a temporary directory and a prefix can be defined.
Create a TestCase for interactive use.
import matlab.unittest.TestCase
testCase = TestCase.forInteractiveUse;
Use a ScreenshotDiagnostic to log an image of the desktop as a test diagnostic with a custom prefix
import matlab.unittest.diagnostics.ScreenshotDiagnostic


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