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fitcecoc svm classifier error

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Pradyumna Reddy
Pradyumna Reddy on 16 Apr 2019
Answered: Don Mathis on 13 May 2019
I am using MATLAB R2018b. I have two matrices X_norm (2000*20 double) which has my normalized observations and matrix Y (2000 * 1 double) has the class labels. I want to get an svm classifier model using X_norm and Y.
I have executed the following line
Mdl = fitcecoc(X_norm,Y,'Learners','svm','BoxConstraint',0.1);
and I get an error showing "Error using classreg.learning.FitTemplate/fillIfNeeded (line 634), BoxConstraint is not a valid parameter name."
Could anyone help me out with this issue?
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Pradyumna Reddy
Pradyumna Reddy on 16 Apr 2019
I have tried this:
params = hyperparameters('fitcecoc',X_norm,Y,'svm');
It gives the output as 'BoxConstraint' but I am not able to edit the hyperparameter with the mentioned code line in the question.

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Answers (1)

Don Mathis
Don Mathis on 13 May 2019
You need to pass fitcecoc a templateSVM object to set an SVM hyperparameter,
Mdl = fitcecoc(X_norm, Y, 'Learners', templateSVM('BoxConstraint', 0.1))




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