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Simulink android camera deploy to hardware problem (error)

Asked by Howgen Pratama Kesuma on 16 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by chen wang on 9 Jul 2019
Hi, please help me in this problem,
I want to use my android phone's camera as an output for my App (using App Designer MATLAB).
I found that I can use Simulink Android toolbox to realize this goal.
The problem is everytime I clicked deploy to hardware, it always shows this error
### Starting build procedure for model: test
Code Generation
Elapsed: 15 sec
Execution failed for task ':libraries:opencv:compileDebugAidl'. > Error while executing process C:\Users\Howgen\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\build-tools\29.0.0-rc2\aidl.exe with arguments {-pC:\Users\Howgen\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platforms\android-28\framework.aidl -oC:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\test_ert_rtw\test\libraries\opencv\build\generated\source\aidl\debug -IC:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\test_ert_rtw\test\libraries\opencv\src -IC:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\test_ert_rtw\test\libraries\opencv\src\debug\aidl -dC:\Users\Howgen\AppData\Local\Temp\aidl7375139775474552336.d C:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\test_ert_rtw\test\libraries\opencv\src\org\opencv\engine\OpenCVEngineInterface.aidl} *
### Build procedure for model: 'test' aborted due to an error.
Error(s) encountered while building "test": ### Failed to generate all binary outputs.
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error
My block diagram is I connected Android Camera with Android Video Display as dummy trial.
I have followed all steps during the installation of the support package and installed all the latest version of Android Studio.
For your information I am using MATLAB R2019a and Simulink version 9.3
Please help, thank you !


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2 Answers

Answer by Sruthi Yenugula on 17 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

Please note, the Camera block works fine with Android SDK Build Tools 28.0.3. However, if build tool version 29.0.0-rc2 is present then the above issue comes up.
To resolve the issue, you can uninstall build tool 29.0.0-rc2 and install version 28.0.3


Hi Sruthi,
I have uninstalled the build tool 29.0.0-rc2 and installed version 28.0.3 using Android Studio.
But the error still persist, it seems that whenever I deploy to hardware, the Android Studio automatically update the SDK Build tools.
Do you have a solution for this ?
Here is the error log:
Execution failed for task ':libraries:opencv:compileDebugAidl'. > Error while executing process C:\Users\Howgen\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\build-tools\29.0.0-rc2\aidl.exe with arguments {-pC:\Users\Howgen\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platforms\android-28\framework.aidl -oC:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\testtest_ert_rtw\testtest\libraries\opencv\build\generated\source\aidl\debug -IC:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\testtest_ert_rtw\testtest\libraries\opencv\src -IC:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\testtest_ert_rtw\testtest\libraries\opencv\src\debug\aidl -dC:\Users\Howgen\AppData\Local\Temp\aidl4124300221427550426.d C:\Users\Howgen\androidtrial\testtest_ert_rtw\testtest\libraries\opencv\src\org\opencv\engine\OpenCVEngineInterface.aidl} *
After uninstalling, please run Android Hardware setup again. Then try deploying the model
Thanks a lot Sruthi ! It solved my problem !

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Answer by Carlos Jiménez on 12 May 2019

How prevent automatic actualization of build tool? I ran Hardware setup and at momento to build the system actualize tool versión


Hi Carlos,
Build tools, will not be updated automatically. If you have build tools 29.0.0-rc1 or 29.0.0-rc2. Please uninstall those versions of build tools and insatll 28.0.3 . After completing the above step, run Hardware setup again. Let me know if you face any issues
Hi Sruthi,
I have Matlab 2018b with Simulink 9.2 and I am facing the problem.
I have deinstalled the SDK build tool 29.0.0-rc3 and installed 28.0.3 several times, and each time I ran Hardware setup again.
But each time I let simulink compile for android it reinstalls 29.0.0-rc3. The problem also excists with every block I try in simulink, so not only the camera and screen block.
Is there any way to force simulink to compile with 28.0.3?
I have android studio 3.4.
Hi Carlos,
im wondering do you have a solution for this yet? because im facing the same issue, and cant figure it out

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