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Error when trying to load .dll

I try to load the PID_win64.dll library shown in figure below but I get this error:
The headers are placed in the folder PID_ert_shrlib_rtw.


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Answer by Panagiotis Bountouris on 15 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

Thank you all for the answers. I finally found out how to sucessfully load the library. Please see the script line below:
The last 'includepath' refers to necessary matlab setup directory include files.
coder.loadlibrary('PIDdll_win64', '.\PIDdll_ert_shrlib_rtw\PIDdll.h',...


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Answer by Guillaume
on 14 Apr 2019

You probably need to add an 'IncludePath' parameter to your loadlibrary call to specify which directory the include file rtw_continuous.h resides in
load_library('PID_Win64', 'PID.h', 'addheader', 'PID_private', 'IncludePath', 'path\to\include\directory')


Dear Guillaume
Thank you for you answer. I tried the line below but I had another error:
>> loadlibrary('PIDdll_win64', 'PIDdll', 'addheader', 'rtwtypes','addheader', 'PIDdll_private','addheader', 'PIDdll_types', 'includepath', 'C:\Users\wsb15162\Documents\PhD\Generic model\Working now\new_attempt\new_case\PIDdll_ert_shrlib_rtw')
Error using regexp
The 'STRING' input must be either a char row vector, a cell array of char row
vectors, or a string array.
Error in loadlibrary
Error in loadlibrary
PS: I have atatched all the files.
Historically it has been common for those processes to fail when there is a space in a directory name.

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