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How to run a trained keras model in simulink?

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I have developed a Keras LSTM model to predict a time series signal for me. Now I need to use this model in MATLAB Simulink. Any help?
I have a MATLAB R2017b which does not have the toolbox for importing Keras models.
David Willingham
David Willingham on 28 Apr 2022
Ehsan, R2017b is quite an old release and there have been significant updates to MATLAB and the world of deep learning since then. I'd recommend upgrading to the current release.

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Answers (1)

Sivylla Paraskevopoulou
Sivylla Paraskevopoulou on 27 Apr 2022
This example shows how to import a TensorFlow model by using the importTensorFlowNetwork function, and then use the Predict block to classify images in Simulink.
There is a blog post that shows how to integrate an imported TensorFlow network in Simulink:

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