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Please help extract variables from mat files and plot

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Please help,
I have two .mat files (sit1.1 & site1.2 attached) containing different variables., rhoxy, rhoyx, zxy, zyx, freq, etc.
I want to load this two files and plot, for example extract values for rhoxy vs freq from each file and plot in a single plot.

Accepted Answer

A. Sawas
A. Sawas on 8 Apr 2019
site1 = site;
site2 = site;
plot(site1.freq, site1.zxy, 'DisplayName', 'Site 1'); hold on;
plot(site2.freq, site2.zxy, 'DisplayName', 'Site 2');
legend show;


Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 9 Apr 2019
I would add one small improvement. By specifying what variable(s) to load, you minimize the risk of loading a bunch of unneeded variables that could overwrite existing variables.
site1Struc = load('site1.1.mat', 'site');
site1 =;
site2Struc = load('site1.2.mat', 'site');
site2 =;
Calistus Ramotoroko
Calistus Ramotoroko on 9 Apr 2019
Thanks for the additional help Adam. I'm learning a lot from you guys.

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