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Write a file starting in column 7.

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Dear, I have a question about write the data in the file.
Is possible write a data in the file starting in column 7 ?
For example:
My program is writing:
Line 1 and Column 1 until 36
Line 2 and Column 1 until 36
Line 19 and colund 1 until 36.
I would like write starting in column 7 until 42.
that is:
line 1 and Column 7 until 42
line 2 and Column 7 until 42
line 19 and Column 7 until 42.
That is, all line of column 1 until column 6 stay empty.
Is it possible ?
thank you
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dpb on 5 Apr 2019
Certainly possible but specifics depend on what kind of file you're trying to create???

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Accepted Answer

A. Sawas
A. Sawas on 5 Apr 2019
If your data is in csv format, you can use the command csvwrite with row and col parameters as follows:
row = 0;
col = 6; % row and cols are zero-based so row=0 and col=0 are the first row and column, respectively.
csvwrite(filename, yourdata, row, col);
A. Sawas
A. Sawas on 5 Apr 2019
Try appending zeros to C in the columns from 1 to 6, like this:
C = [zeros(19,6) C];

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