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2 versions of MCR installed, which one gets initialized by calling mclInitializeApplication

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I have two versions of MCR installed on my machine, 2015b and 2018b. I need both versions since two dlls (for different features) were made from each of the compilers.
  1. When I call mclInitializeApplication() function from my application which version of MCR gets initialized?
  2. Is there a way to initialze both (2015b and 2018b)?
  3. If not then will both the dlls work only if one verson of MCR is initailzed?

Accepted Answer

Jasmine Dai
Jasmine Dai on 17 Apr 2019
Hi, Sathya,
Unfortunately there is no way to initialize both MCR. And it will not work if only one version of MCR is initialized. Namely dll file does not work with a mismatched version of MCR.
As the version of MCR that gets initialized depends on the link path when compiling the application, what you can do is:
1. Recompile the two dlls so that they are from the same version of MCR.
2. Generate two applications with each dll, although this might not be what you want to achieve.

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