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Unable to build androidGet​tingStarte​dExample.

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Sruthi Yenugula
Sruthi Yenugula on 4 Apr 2019
Hi Shivam,
Please note, the Camera block works fine with Android SDK Build Tools 28.0.3. However, if build tool version 29.0.0-rc1 is present then the above issue comes up.
To resolve the issue, you can uninstall build tool 29.0.0-rc1 and install version 28.0.3


Shivam shekhar
Shivam shekhar on 15 Apr 2019
After building the example ,Version 29.0.0-rc1 is automatically installing. i have uninstall this version several time but it is installing again and again.
Shivam shekhar
Shivam shekhar on 15 Apr 2019
Problem solved. Version 29.0.0-rc1 was installing because of "sources for android 28" was installed for android Pie. After uninstalling, this version 28.0.3 is working fine.

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