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Drawing parabolas in pdeModeler

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KieranSQ on 25 Feb 2019
Answered: Alan Weiss on 27 Feb 2019
I am looking to design a rocket nozzle and throat in pdeModeler, in the form of this (,
Howecerm I m struggling with how to draw the curved lines to connect all the points I need, all i have been able to produce is a nozzle using straight lines. Ideally I would like to be able to define the curve angle and length which I can then produce a mesh in the shape. Iif someone can suggest a better package please do.

Answers (1)

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 27 Feb 2019
pdeModeler is for 2-D problems, so I assume that you have 2-D geometry. In this case, you can use a parametrized function for 2-D geometry creation.
You can also use CSG modeling in the pdeModeler app, using an ellipse as one element.
Alan Weiss
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