Simbiology Sensitivity analysis on dummy variable assigned through a repeatedAssignment Rule

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The title pretty much covers my question: I'm trying to use the 'Calculate sensitivities' Task in SimBiology desktop on a dummy variable whose value is enforced through a repeatedAssignment rule in my model, but I get the error:
'An input or output cannot be the left-handside variable of a repeated assignment rule'
I understand what the error is, but I'm wondering if there are any tricks/strategies around this restriction in the sensitivity calculator?
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 18 Feb 2019
One approach is to analytically differentiate the repeated assignment rule, and figure out how to calculate the desired sensitivity in terms of other sensitivities you can get from simulations. For example, if the repeated assigment rule is A = B + C, then then sensitivity of A would be the sensitivity of B plus the sensitivity of C.

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