How can I convert air pressure / time data to an audio file?

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I have got a data set (.txt) which consist of air pressure values (in Pa, Pascals) with a sampling rate of 200. How can I write this data to an audio file (.wav)?
What I've tried is:
1- I import the data into Matlab. There are different output types. I can import it as table, column vector, numeric matrix, string array or cell array. I guess the right one is numeric matrix, so I go with that one.
2- When I do that, it imports the data set as a "double" (I'm not sure what that means either but anyway).
3- The data I have has values such as: 12.579522758541621, -8.705727330368635, 0.004533738540940603 etc. These are in Pascals. However, when I use the audiowrite command, it normalizes the values to -1 and +1, which clips the audio, and this is not what I want. I guess I have to convert these values to something else, or some different data set, or scale these values. This is the point that I get lost. The script in Matlab named "handel.mat" has a data set that has values between -1 and +1 which works very well. How can I convert my data to that data type?
- Lacin

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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora on 21 Jan 2019
Edited: Alberto Mora on 21 Jan 2019
Before ask on the comunity, I think that is better have a look on google.
Anyhow, here is the answer.
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