Analog Input Recorder app in Matlab ,the Devices list is empty

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Hi when I,m opening Analog Input Recorder app in Matlab ,the Devices list is empty.
I tryed everything,
my microphone is okey and don,t have any problam.
so pleas help.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Apr 2019
Did you install a Hardware Support Package for your kind of audio ?

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Answers (2)

Aezaz Hasan
Aezaz Hasan on 25 Oct 2019
Easy solution!

Anoop Joy
Anoop Joy on 10 Apr 2019
Is your microphone being listed when you execute the following line of code in the MATLAB command window?
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VIKAS SINHA on 29 Jul 2021
yes it is showing:
mcc: Measurement Computing Corp. USB-3106 (Device ID: 'Board0')
Analog output supports:
0 to +10 Volts range
16 channels ('Ao0' - 'Ao15')
'Voltage' measurement type

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