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how to find coordinates of specific pixel l value?

Asked by Muhammad Hammad Malik on 18 Jan 2019
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on 3 Feb 2019
hello all,
i want to find the x,y coordinates of specific pixel value. how i can find that.kindly guide me thanks.
see attach image. this represts the pixel values of binary image, now i want to find x,y coordinates of these pixel values only.b6f8411eb0ede0815ae2e9f9a9a6668.jpg


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Answer by Roy Kadesh on 18 Jan 2019
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depending on your image orientation, either row is x, or col is x.

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If the row is x you're violating a pretty strong convention of having x be the horizontal direction and y be the vertical direction.
What you have is correct:
but you could also do
[y, x] = find(BW3); % Note: y comes first! It's not [x,y].
if you follow the universal convention of x being the horizontal (column) direction, and want to use x,y nomenclature instead of row, column nomenclature.

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