how to save all output of a loop in a matrix. the loop run throug 200 files dataset and return column vector of 800 points each iteration , i need to have 200x800 matrix as result

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rakbar on 7 Jan 2019
length_of_data = 800; % length of your data
random_data_vector = rand(1,800); % dummy/test data --> update from your file
number_of_files = 200; % number of datasets
% preallocate memory to save. Size = 200 x 800
save_data_mat = NaN(number_of_files,length_of_data);
% loop over your datasets
for iter = 1 : number_of_files
% for each data set, save the vector of data
save_data_mat(iter,:) = random_data_vector;

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