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Jessica on 16 Jul 2012
Hi, I am trying to convert a code from Fortran to MATLAB and I am stuck. I basically need to output the results, using write command in Fortran but within a loop. Does anyone know how to do this in MATLAB? Below is the Fortran code. Thanks
module WriteResults
use globvar
implicit none
subroutine estimates
implicit none
integer :: t,j,k,s,i
CHARACTER(len=40) :: temp1,temp2
real(8) :: P(ntime,nfac,nfac) !Variance of factor
real(8) :: rho(ntime,nfac,nfac) !Variance of factor
do t = 1, ntime
do j = 1, nequation(t)
k = eqindex(t,j)
write(1,'(2I,<nx+nfac+1>f16.8)')t,k, beta(t,k,:), Z(t,k,:), H(t,k,k)
end do
end do
Jan on 16 Jul 2012
Edited: Jan on 16 Jul 2012
@Jessica: Please do not post 2 question about the same problem. See: . And, as far as I remember I ask the 3rd time, please format your code properly. If you are in doubt, follow the "? help" button, which appears when you create or edit a message. Or read .

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Answers (1)

Ben Barrowes
Ben Barrowes on 17 Jul 2012
This is Ben Barrowes. I see you are making progress converting this.
This bracket syntax is meant to be a variable repeat specification as explained here, for example:
What it means is that the f16.8 should be used nx+nfac+1 times. Sorry f2matlab did not convert this for you. This line in fortran:
write(1,'(2I,<nx+nfac+1>f16.8)')t,k, beta(t,k,:), Z(t,k,:), H(t,k,k)
Should have been converted by f2matlab to be:
writef(fid_1,[repmat('%i',1,2),repmat('%16.8f',1,nx+nfac+1)],t,k, beta(t,k,:), z(t,k,:), h(t,k,k));
The other lines with the bracket notation would be similar. Thanks for catching this.
Ben Barrowes
Ben Barrowes on 17 Jul 2012
Right, writef is a function supplied by f2matlab when it converts the fortran to matlab code.

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