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Setting the initial value in a loop

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Abdolvakil Fazli
Abdolvakil Fazli on 18 Dec 2018
Commented: Abdolvakil Fazli on 21 Dec 2018
I have trouble setting the initial value of the adaptation block in simulink attached in this post. I am dealing with a loop in the input of this loop I take one data x (or say a sample) and calculate y according to that x , and adaptation vector (A), in adaptation block, I would update A according to the previous value of x,y,z and A , then I report A to predistortion block , and this loop is turning. My problem is the initial value of A in the first step; It has to be set as ones(1,65) just in the first time ; I do not know how to do it. Because if you set it in Pred block as ones(1,65) in each sample you will be facing with A=ones not an updated version of A. Someone suggested me using clock and counter, I do not know how for I am beginner in simulink. If anybody has any idea about implimentation of this method, or if you have another suggestion , it would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara on 21 Dec 2018
Hi Fazil,
Consider connecting Initial Condition (IC) prior to the block.
Let me know if it helps
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Abdolvakil Fazli
Abdolvakil Fazli on 21 Dec 2018
I did another thing, that worked. As used a triggered subsystem to create a counter, in each block I will behave according to the count of the counter. I do not do any calculation in first and second step. And using a function I can save the initial value and save the value . This helped me allllooooot to organize my coding and the whole system. here I attached my file. Anyway, I will do your suggestion and I will report it to it.

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