Simulink Desktop Real-Time/Matlab 2018b Blue Screen

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I am a graduate student working with Simulink Desktop Real-Time with my release of Matlan 2018b. I am using Desktop Real-Time with an Advantech PCI card to interface with my experiment. Things had been going relatively smoothly till today. In the past sometimes running a simulation for infinite time would cause Matlab to crash but I could resolve this by reopenning Matlab and was avoidable by not running infinte tests. These crashes were isolated to Matlab and my PC still functioned normally. Today I started getting consistent blue screen crashes of my PC whenever I try to run my model. I have completely removed both Matlab and Simulink then reinstalled and the error pesists. Does any one have any experience with this issue? I found a form that addressed crashed in previous versions but these did not work for me.
The link to the procedure I attempted is here:

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Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero on 20 Dec 2018
Hi Matthew,
Have you installed recently any MATLAB or Windows update? Please try reinstalling the Simulink Desktop Real-Time kernel with the following command and then running the model again.
sldrtkernel -setup
Hope this helps.

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KENAN SAVAS on 12 Feb 2022
the same problem is exist in my pc i have tried different combinations with Advantech card of 1711u... i have been using Windows 10 Pro x64 (20H2 Buid 19042.1466). İhave installed MATLAB 2021b and also MATLAB 2018a but, all the time i have a model with Simulink Desktop Real-Time using Target connection and desktop real mode, i have got different screens related to the problem. In MATLAB 2021b the desktop real mode (not krnal simulated mode, because of not connected to the system timer diagnostics error each time...) has been connected but the time cannot begin and also MATLAB machine and Simulink tool has been locked... trying to stop and close MATLAB, but no succesful attemp, the solution is kill the process from the task manager... and also using MATLAB 2018a with Adavantaech 1711u DAQ card, when connecting to the target using Simulink Desktop Real-Time (not Simulink Real-Time, i have used many the toolbox RTW real-Time Windows Target, my card is compatible the RTW tool, and from the version MATLAB 2015, its name is Simulink Desktop Real Time, i have known, i understand Real-Time toolbox related to Real-Time PC and the related hardware and also this toolbox uses the timer interrupt of the OS, namely Windows 10 Pro x64, using Kernel simulated real time, i have only tried target option and dekstop real mode (the mode'a new name is it...), isn't it? do i understand a true meaning consept?). i have tried many times RTW tool using 32 bit Windows 7 version, but each time, MATLAB cannot use the bigger part of the memory, after two or three time trying, MATLAB had been crashed many times, and also i have installed 32 bit Windows10 Pro, the memory management of MATLAB is very bad, cannot access bigger part of the memry, all the access is 240MB of the whole memory 4 GB as RAM. using Windows 10 Pro x64 with MATLAB 2018 a, the problems has been continued. i have searched the problem, investigated the problem, from 2015b to 2017a there are many fix packages has been published from Mathworks, ok bu t using 2018a x64, blue screen of death has been occured when trying the siuli,nk desktop toolbox each time... The only solutiomn to me, and also everybody should be known that the stable, the problem free system, and also good memory allocation by MATLAB when using realtime applications i have tested and has been using Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, robust, good fats, perfect. i have run simulink desktop toolbox more than 5 minutes with time infinite total siultion time in simulink, there is no problem, MATLAB manages all steps in rigit time, when close all terminated or try to unconnect from target, each time i have got good solutions... please dear MATLAB developers, solve and correct RAM Management in x68 32 bit versions of MATLAB from 2015b to the old versions, because some hardware need x86 platforms, because of x86 drivers, i have some cards used another applications the other apps needs windows 10, and aslo rtw tool and the new one, siöulink desktop real-time is not compatible thorougly to Windows 10 Pro x64 (20H2, the last version...) the problem maybe realted to microsoft OS kernel part maybe in the MATLAB realtime krnel, but errors has been continue... please solve this issue, because we got a lot of problems long times, tryings, in hard manner... thanks to be interested in the issue...




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