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Orkun OZENER on 7 Jul 2012
I have two curves , one is measured one is calculated from cylinder. They are all angle dependent.
Would you offer any matlab function that I calculate the regression with these two datas.
I am searching the qaulity of simulation regarding to measurement? The matrixes are like that
The Matrix A is (measured)
Angle Pressure
----- ------
1 3,35000000000000
2 3,33000000000000
3 3,31000000000000
4 3,35000000000000
5 3,31000000000000
the Matrix B (simulated)
Angle Pressure
----- --------
1 3,12302310000000
2 3,10574540000000
3 3,08854990000000
4 3,07221170000000
5 3,05751980000000
Best Regards.
Orkun OZENER on 7 Jul 2012
Dear Star Rider.,
I tried lineer regression model for obtaining how two data is connected to each other... The mean average values of two data sets are 3,256 and 3,4... But lineer regression gives 0,75 regression...So I I am really confused.. ı am open two all methods.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jul 2012
Have you looked at polyfit()?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jul 2012
Edited: Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2012
You mean like a correlation coefficient, or RMS error, or PSNR? Usually you don't regress simulated vs. measured (i.e. predicted vs. observed). You could use scatter() to see them plotted against each other but usually you don't do a regression to fit a line through the points. Often/Usually you'll use PSNR to see how well your model/simulation did in predicting the observed values, at least in compressing and reconstructing data. Other fields may have other methods that are preferred, such as RMS error or average absolute difference or MSI or SSIM (

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 7 Jul 2012
You list one set of data as being ‘measured’ and the other as ‘simulated’. Are you comparing the fit of the simulation to the measured data? If so, then the best measure to describe their relationship might be the mean-square error:
MSE = mean((measured-simulated).^2);
The RMS error Image Analyst refers to is:
RMS = sqrt(MSE);

Kazim Hanbay
Kazim Hanbay on 9 Aug 2012
soru hakkında şunu söyleyebilirim;Her iki dağılımın olasılık yoğunluk fonksiyonlarını hesaplayıp daha sonra lineer reg. deneyebilirsiniz sanırım.Ayrıca size bir şey sormak istiyorum.Bir görüntünün korelasyon matrisini nasıl hesaplayabilirim?Daha sonra bu matrisin öz değer ve öz vektör analizini yapmam gerekiyor.
Orkun OZENER on 2 Sep 2012
Dear Hanbay,Thanks for your answer. On the other hand I really dont know how you can do the thing that you asked.? Sorry . Best Regards.

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