How to hide the obscured portion of the lines in 3D line plot using plot3 command ??

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Alok Negi
Alok Negi on 16 Oct 2018
Commented: Tan Phan on 9 Dec 2019
I want to hide the obscured portion in a 3D line plot, similar to the attached image. Is it possible with the plot3 command or the surf/mesh command is required for this ?

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Erivelton Gualter
Erivelton Gualter on 22 Oct 2018
You may check the properties of the surf function ( ). I am sure if you play a bit you can find it.
Here is a code example, but I am not sure if is it what you want.
[X,Y] = meshgrid(-5:.2:5);
Z = Y.*sin(X) - X.*cos(Y);
surf(X,Y,Z,'FaceAlpha',0.5, 'FaceColor', [1 1 1])
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Tan Phan
Tan Phan on 9 Dec 2019
How can i change the line behind my shape to "- - -"(just like when i drawing on paper)? And when i rotate it's with rotate on toolbar it's will change to continuous line if it's in front, and line which behind will turn to "- - -".
Thank you!
Sorry for my bad English!Untitled.png

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