sorting data in a nested cell

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Susan Santiago
Susan Santiago on 8 Oct 2018
Commented: madhan ravi on 13 Oct 2018
I have a cell C that looks like this
The cells in the first column are all some numberx14. I want to sort C in ascending order based on the values of the first column of data in the cells in the first column of cell C. How would I go about doing that? I'm getting very confused with indexing for cells like this and just want to rearrange the cell.

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amin ya
amin ya on 9 Oct 2018
Edited: amin ya on 9 Oct 2018
You need to write a for loop and use classic sort algorithm. I had this problem, but there is no easy way to access or sort the data of matrixes inside the cell.
For example, you can access the first element of a matrix in the (1,1) element of the cell like this:
Change these algorithms to suit your application:

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