How to access a matlab function within a forloop from python

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Hello All,
I am trying to access a matlab function from python. I have carried out all the initial setup steps and I am also able to acess a simple script and functions from python. However, I want to access a matlab function within a forloop from python. This is the previous reference link which I used.
file1= Test1.m
classdef Test1 < handle
properties (Access = private)
input1 =0;
input2 = 0;
function out1 = ADD_1(this,i1,i2)
% Test1.input1 = i1;
% Test1.input2 = i2;
% out1 = Test1.input1 + Test1.input2;
this.input1 = i1;
this.input2 = i2;
% out1 = this.input1 + this.input2;
out1 = i1 + i2;
function out2 = SUB_1(this,out1)
out2 = out1 - 1;
file2 = call_Test1.m
obj1 = Test1();
out_store = [];
for i = 1:5
o1 = obj1.ADD_1(12,i);
o2 = obj1.SUB_1(o1);
out_store = [out_store;o1,o2];
in python,
import matlab.engine
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab()
eng.addpath(r'C:\Users\Mat2Py_code_test', nargout = 0)
myobj = eng.Test1()
How to proceed further to call this Test1.m file from python which further accesses call_Test1.m

Answers (1)

Harry Vancao
Harry Vancao on 12 Oct 2018
If you are interested in calling the script from call_Test1.m, you can simply convert that into a function itself and call it from python. Some documentation detailing this process can be found here:
If you are interested in calling the functions from within a for loop, you can instantiate an instance of the MATLAB object Test1() and then proceed to call the MATLAB function from within a python for-loop.
myobj = eng.Test1()
for i in range(5):
func1_out = end.ADD_1(myobj, 10, 20)




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