Numeric least squares fit

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Sergio Quesada
Sergio Quesada on 2 Oct 2018
Edited: Sergio Quesada on 2 Oct 2018
Good evening to everybody,
I need some help in this fitting...
I have a collection of experimental data (texp, Iexp). Using these data, I generate a new collection of data, (texp, rteor), by solving a system of one equation per each couple of data, using fsolve with arrayfun:
rteor= fsolve(@(r) arrayfun(@(R,T) FC.*integral(@(x) exp(-1./(30.*x.*log(x))), 1, R)-(T-t),r,texp), inpts);
(inpts=initial points; ). Then, I generate a new matrix of points, (texp, Iteor), evaluating the previous rteor data on a new function Iteor:
Iteor=rteor.*exp(a./(rteor(t).*log(rteor))) + (Io./(rteor(t).^4));
Well, now I want to fit this (Iteor, tteor) collection to (Iexp, texp) experimental collection by optimizing only the parameter "t" in the first "rteor" expression above. I would prefer to make it with a numerical method, not symbolic as the combination of
lsqcurvefit ( fsolve ( arrayfun ) )
, which I have already tried, takes a lot of time...
Hope anybody can help me. Thank you so much !!

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