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How to sum n lines of a matrix to another matrix?

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So basically, i have a matrix Apit with the index of (51*n,5,1000) and what i wanted is another matrix TotalApit, with the index (51,5,1000), that sums up 'n' lines by 'n' lines.
if n = 2, Apit(102,5,1000) and TotalApit(51,5,1000)
TotalApit(1,1,1) = Apit(1,1,1)+Apit(2,1,1)
TotalApit(2,1,1) = Apit(3,1,1)+Apit(4,1,1)
So i want that 1 line of TotalApit correspond the sum of n lines of Apit
Can someone help me?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Sep 2018
Explain how the first indexes (row number) are determined on the right hand side. Like why row is 1 and 2 in the first equation, and 3 and 3 (the same) in the second equation. What rule are you using to determine which rows to sum?
And, this is not a big array, just a simple for loop would work, though there are more efficient ways.
Pedro Vicente
Pedro Vicente on 23 Sep 2018
Oh, damn, that was my bad. Should be Apit(3,1,1)+Apit(4,1,1)
I want each line of TotalApit to sum n lines of Apit.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Sep 2018
You could do this:
Apit = rand(102,5,1000);
TotalApit = zeros(51,5,1000);
% Now do the sum
[rows, columns, slices] = size(Apit)
n = 2;
k = 1;
for row = 1 : n : rows-n
thisVolume = squeeze(Apit(row:(row+n-1), :, :));
thisSum = sum(thisVolume, 1);
TotalApit(k, :, :) = thisSum;
k = k + 1;
Takes a hundreth of a second on my computer. You might be able to do it even faster with convn(). And it would be only 1 or 2 lines of code.

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Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan
Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan on 23 Sep 2018
TotalApit = reshape(sum(reshape(Apit,[n 102/n 5 1000])),[102/n 5 1000]);


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