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The is no 'linearFit' function

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The is no 'linearFit' function which has been used in Matlab 2018 help topic: "Fault Diagnosis of Centrifugal Pumps using Steady State Experiments"

Accepted Answer

Brendan Hamm
Brendan Hamm on 21 Sep 2018
This is a helper function provided at the end of the documentation in the Supporting functions section.

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Hamzeh Asgharnezhad
Hamzeh Asgharnezhad on 21 Sep 2018
thanks for help
ther are also some other functions start with helper like: helperPlotHistogram
where they are from?
Hamzeh Asgharnezhad
Hamzeh Asgharnezhad on 23 Sep 2018
thanks a lot Did you write the code? Is there any video description for it?
John Navarro
John Navarro on 23 Mar 2021
Thanks. Can you explain better where to find or get these file from the documentation. I cant find it

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