can database - Message Cyclic & Trigger

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Mingqi Shi
Mingqi Shi on 14 Sep 2018
Answered: Carlos Orduno on 11 Dec 2019
I have a questions about canDatabase in MATLAB. From vector tool CANdb, whether/how a CAN message is transmitted can be shown inside Tx Method & Cycle Time, as shown in figure 'CANdb'; However, If I type script 'h = canDatabase('database.dbc')', The most similar information inside 'h' I could find is from 'h.MessageInfo(i).AtrributeInfo', as show in figure 'MessageInfo' . How could I find/match the related information to CANdb? I need to obtain the string(whether 'FixedPeriodic', 'Event Periodic' or 'Event') for some further purpose.
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Carlos Orduno
Carlos Orduno on 10 Dec 2019
I have the same question, were you able to figure this out?

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Answers (1)

Carlos Orduno
Carlos Orduno on 11 Dec 2019
I finally found it.
View Message Attribute Information
View message attribute information from CAN database.
db = canDatabase('J1939DB.dbc');
a = db.MessageInfo(1).Attributes
a =
info = attributeInfo(db,'Message','GenMsgCycleTime','A1')
Name: 'GenMsgCycleTime'
ObjectType: 'Message'
DataType: 'Undefined'
DefaultValue: 0
Value: 500





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